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Zk Flooring, Furniture & Cabinets

Here at ZK Flooring & Furniture we have unrivaled expertise.  We offer high quality flooring and furniture without the high commercial mark up.

Let Zk

“Make Your House A Home.”

Here at ZKs we have unrivaled expertise.  We offer high quality merchandise without a high commercial mark-up.  We have over 15 years of independent dealings in commercial and residential.  With this deep level of product knowledge, we are experts in the field.  

Excellent customer service is what we offer to keep you completely satisfied.  We offer personalized service giving specialized attention to each customer to assure they have a better overall experience.

We offer unmatched professionalism.  Giving you a combination of superior expertise, unparalleled customer service, and an unforgettable experience.

Our trusted reputation is due to Word-of-mouth reviews.   Referrals help our businesses strive and uphold a positive reputation.  

ZK Floorings & Furniture

We are proud of our complete line of flooring and furniture for every taste and budget.  We are happy to meet with you to go through our complete collection. 

ZK Cabinetry Hardware

Got a new build or remodeling project, we are your top pick!


Shop our selection of curated, designer hardware that will make your dream home a reality.



Referrals: Earn 5% discount when referring ZK 
Contractors – Get 5% discount on purchases over specific dollar amount.  
Investors/Interior Designers – Get 15% discount on purchases over specific dollar amount.  

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What Our Clients Say!

Furniture Testimony


Thank you for such wonderful customer service. After looking into several furniture stores, you guys met all of our expectations in customer service, knowledge of product, price and care for our needs. Thank you again.

Michelle W.

Flooring Testimony


Zk responded to my initial inquiry immediately and I made a last minute appointment, went out to the store for a consultation the same day. Zk was incredibly thorough when it came to explaining the different flooring products. Their selections were awesome. They gave me a quote far below what I was expecting. I placed an order and it was delivered the next day on time. I highly recommend!

Howard Steward

Cabinet Hardware Testimony


I bought a new home and the cabinets did not come with hardware. I did a google search and found Zk Floors, Furniture & Cabinetry. They were able to find the exact product for less the price. The hardware change the entire look of my home. It looks so elegant. Thanks Zk for being so kind, caring and helpful.

Cheryl Stroud

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We're here to make your house a home


101 Vinson St.

suite 101-G

Arlington, Texas 76010

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Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST

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