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Know Your Style of Furniture

At ZK Furniture we can make your House a Home. Explore our latest furniture designs, crafted to fit in every area of your home; Whether it’s your living room, bedroom(s), dining/ kitchen, office or outside. We have styles that will accommodate your every need:

Modern Style: This furniture style was born in the 20th century, bridging artistic and functional elements, and draws inspiration from several traditional types of styles. It is made of steel, leather, solid wood, vinyl, marble, plastic, and glass. The style is distinguished by solid colors, clean designs, straight lines, and basic forms. Glossy finishes and minimal details are also its features.

Contemporary Style – 1970s: This furniture is marked by clean lines, smooth surfaces, and neutral and monochromatic colors. It is sleek, light, and clutter-free and various materials like steel, metal, and glass apart from solid wood are used. However, curved lines and geometric shapes are also used in the design of furniture with minimum ornamentation. The use of nude tones gives an airy feel and creates an illusion of the vastness of the space. 

Traditional Style: Traditional furniture style is inspired by old and classical furniture styles, which were popular centuries ago and are still in fashion. This style is a recollection of designs from the 18th-century English, 19th-century Neoclassical, French country, and British Colonial styles of the past. It boasts decoratively carved and shaped legs including bun feet, ball and claw feet, columnar baluster legs, elegant carvings and brass accents, crown moldings and other architectural elements that exude warmth and comfort. Warm, rich colors are frequently used along with upholstery in floral patterns, plaids, and stripes.

Transitional Style: This style is a fusion of contemporary and traditional styles. Simple color schemes, minimal ornamentation, and straight lines are the traits of this style. It flaunts mirrored or glass surfaces, lacquered finishes, varied fabric patterns, and luxurious details. This type of furniture style is sophisticated, yet simple. It is stylish, yet delightful.

Victorian Style: This style became eminent during the reign of Queen Victoria. Furniture in this style is bulky and has dark finishes. Walnut, mahogany, and rosewood were used along with upholstery of velvet and leather. Heavily adorned with carvings of foliage in the shapes of crockets, trefoils, and quatrefoils, it is noted for opulence and elegance.

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