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About US

Let Zk

“Make Your House A Home.”

Here at ZKs we have unrivaled expertise.  We offer high quality merchandise without a high commercial mark-up.  We have over 15 years of independent dealings in commercial and residential.  With this deep level of product knowledge, we are experts in the field.  

Excellent customer service is what we offer to keep you completely satisfied.  We offer personalized service giving specialized attention to each customer to assure they have a better overall experience.

We offer unmatched professionalism.  Giving you a combination of superior expertise, unparalleled customer service, and an unforgettable experience.

Our trusted reputation is due to Word-of-mouth reviews.   Referrals help our businesses strive and uphold a positive reputation.  

We are responsive and available.  We take pride in making sure we deliver timely, save you money, give each customer the attention and format each product they want.

Form of payment include online, cash, credit card, Echeck, Zelle, or PayPal.
Let Zk “Make Your House A Home.”

Our Mission

“Provide our customers with quality, value-conscious products, superior services that will help families improve and enjoy their homes.”

We are a faith-based, family oriented service-driven company, and our core values include the following:

* Excellent customer service

* Doing the “right” thing

* Respect for all people

* Taking care of our people

* Giving back

* Being available

This is an area with no trade-off. We will not alter our values to meet a trend or isolated circumstance. There is no compromise for high quality, value-conscious products and services. We are committed to provide WHAT we say we will do, WHEN we say we will do it. We unconditionally guarantee that the products and service you request will be the products and service you’ll receive.


What Our Clients Say!

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