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Lisa & Teddy | Building a Legacy

“It’s so much more than high quality floors & furniture. This is our legacy....”

Corporate Manager, Military Veteran and General Contractor come together to Build a Legacy for Their Kids...

Meet Teddrick “Teddy” Scott, The CEO of ZK Floors & Furniture“ Hello! Don't despise small beginnings!! “My name is Teddrick Scott and I am the proud Owner and CEO of the new and vibrant company ZK Floors and Furniture. I'm sure many of you here today have the desire, the drive and the dreams to become entrepreneurs. Dreams give us the strength that carries us through. And I am finally embracing mine and its refreshing! Indeed, I've often thought that perhaps it is not we who carry the dream, but the dream that carries us.I love entrepreneurship. There is nothing like the excitement, glory, fun and sheer thrill of starting something from scratch and watching it grow into a large enterprise of astonishing proportions. If you have the opportunity to be an entrepreneur, grab it. Find passionate and driven people and lead them. Give them all the necessary resources, and then give them some oxygen to breathe. Through forward thinking and being a company that’s mobile, our team is committed in meeting the needs of our clients by providing the 4 C's of service which are. "Care, Consistency, Comfort, Confidence"... And we thrive on seeing our beautiful Youth & Young Adults with a smile on their once ordinary faces, a tear of pride knowing that it's possible to be "The Highest and Best Version of Yourself". Zachariah and Kai (hence the name ZK Floors & Furniture), my beautiful kids are heirs to a vision that was ignited by God once I found out they were soon to join me on earth. ”

“You take a seed, plant it & it gives you fruit. God said be fruitful & multiply. Don't keep it to yourself.”


Meet Lisa Simmons, The President of ZK Floors & Furniture

This is me at my best; Doing it for the future, my daughter (Alissa)....The Legacy!

Hello! I know the plans I have for you, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. “ My name is Lisa Simmons and I am President of ZK Floors and Furniture. After 34 years of working in Corporate America, I decided it was time to follow my dreams. From 2016 - 2018, life events opened my eyes; after divorce, death of two brothers, taking care of a sister with cancer and my mom who had two heart attacks; I knew I had to step out on faith and begin to live my dream. My dream was to have my own business and leave a legacy for my only child (Alissa). I knew with me working in Corporate America this would not be possible. So, in October of 2018 when the opportunity was given to me to help start and run a company from the ground up the way I wanted to; I didn’t hesitate. I knew ZK was what I was looking for; mainly because its vision focused on core values that are dear to me: Family Oriented, Place of Integrity, Helping Others, Making a Difference and Having Great Quality Products. At ZK Floors and Furniture we are different from our competitors because we offer incredible selection of products you can choose from. We cater to investors, decorators, home stagers and contractors. Offering them discounts where they can save time and money. We service both commercial and residential customers. No job too big or too small.”

“Here at ZK Floors and Furniture We Care About You”
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