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Vinyl can be one of the least expensive of all of your flooring options. Thickness and design are the main factors in the pricing. Thick vinyl costs more than thin vinyl.

The floor designs with textured surfaces will cost more than a smooth surface vinyl, especially

if the texture is “embossed in register”, which means that the texturing matches the pattern underneath, for extreme realism.


It’s cheaper than wood or stone. It's the way to go if you have pets, children or  heavy traffic walking in your home.

  If you are looking for durability and longevity than great quality vinyl flooring will  is the best option for you.   

Vinyl floors are easily installed. Some are do-it-yourself friendly.  The three factors most relevant to the longevity of your vinyl floor are the wear layer, ensuring a proper installation, and the care and maintenance that follow.


ZKs can help you chose the perfect vinyl floors.

Please browse our gallery and when you are ready to save on the perfect flooring and furnishings to make your house a home we will be ready to meet with you in your home at your convenience to assist you in selecting the right elements for creating the home of your dreams.


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